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How much does it cost to get braces in Mexico?

cuanto cuesta ponerse brackets en tijuana

A smile says a lot about ourselves. Therefore, our duty is to care for and improve our teeth, investing in quality treatments that guarantee definitive solutions . Such is the case of orthodontic treatment: brackets.

But, how much do braces cost in Mexico? According to specialized surveys, year after year, the national dental market grows by approximately 20% . Giving greater attention to emergency treatments for pain, discomfort and trauma.

Do not leave your oral health for later. Here we tell you everything about the price of braces in Mexico .


Braces in Mexico

Nowadays there are different alternatives for the placement of brackets, as is the case of orthodontics with transparent aligners . This has increased the demand for brackets with respect to manufacturing styles and materials.

Therefore, today we can find different types of devices :

  • ceramic
  • Sapphire
  • transparent
  • lingual
  • Traditional metal brackets.

Each of them has specific characteristics and offers certain advantages at the time of placement and maintenance . This being the explanation for the variation in prices based on oral needs and economic skills.

To know how much braces cost in Mexico, a diagnosis of the specific case is necessary. Since the diagnosis determines the complexity of the case, type of compatible orthodontics , materials and duration of treatment .

Next, we will provide information on the most used brackets.

Metal braces

Traditional orthodontics that consists of the placement of steel and rubber brackets that hold a strip of metal wire on the surface of the teeth. This allows pressure to be exerted through the use of the wire.

In general, once the treatment is finished, it is necessary to use retainers to maintain the new structure of the teeth. The advantage, compared to the other types of brackets, is the average price.

The price varies, it is important to note, depending on the location and experience of the dentist. Take into account that, as we always say, each patient is unique. In the same way, remember that metal braces are used to:

  • Fix occlusion issues
  • wrong bite
  • Predominant upper denture
  • Pronounced separation between one piece and another.

Orthodontic Treatment Price at SOFDental

Complete orthodontic treatment. From diagnosis and placement, to the corresponding follow-up. Save money and start full treatment based on your needs.

Orthodontic treatment (metal brackets)$2,250 USD
Retainer set (upper and lower)$240 USD

Ceramic or porcelain braces

As they are oriented to aesthetic orthodontics, the price is a little more expensive. Well, they are made to hide the braces, making them more discreet than traditional braces .

In fact, an almost transparent sheet will cover the dental surface . Therefore, oral hygiene will be much more strict and specific in order to avoid other inconveniences.

Are used to:

  1. Improve the patient’s bite
  2. Correct widely spaced teeth.

Sapphire brackets

Sapphire braces are a type of invisible orthodontics that uses the sapphire material to offer transparency. Therefore, it is another type of very popular aesthetic treatment that is setting a trend.

Sapphire guarantees a high-quality finish that is not pigmented at all by the consumption of certain substances. And due to its characteristics, it is recommended in patients with not totally white dentures. Since the sapphire is reflected without problems on the teeth.

Clear braces or invisalign

Technological progress related to the dental sector has given rise to transparent brackets. A type of bracket that consists of a transparent splint designed for the patient’s teeth.

It is a practical, individual and comfortable method that allows greater versatility. Well, it is possible to remove them when eating or brushing your teeth.

In some ways, this treatment is more expensive than previous treatments. Since as time passes the thickness of the splint changes in order to achieve a correct alignment of the teeth .

Lingual braces

They are called lingual braces because the braces are hidden from view. Therefore, we speak of another orthodontic treatment for aesthetic and functional purposes. Where the orthodontic system is attached to the back of each tooth.

It is a somewhat uncomfortable brace . Well, the patient more easily feels the presence of metal pieces. And not only that, since we are talking about a complex treatment to be carried out by a specialist.

Remember that at SOFDental we offer complete orthodontic treatment with up to 70% savings compared to other services in the United States. If you want more information about it, check our price list and contact us .

Dr Martin

By: Dr. Martín Ramírez
Dental Surgeon at SOFDental.


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