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Dental Bridges

Dental bridges in Tijuana are an economical option when replacing missing teeth, as they help prevent dental occlusion and mobility problems due to the space available.

A traditional dental bridge is made up of two or more crowns placed over the teeth on either side of the gap, plus an artificial tooth with natural characteristics in between.     

However, there are different types of dental bridges, and each offers specific advantages depending on the patient’s immediate needs. Hence the importance of professional opinion in shared decision making. 

Therefore, from SOFDental we invite you to read this article about dental bridge treatment in Tijuana. Our mission and vision is to facilitate the understanding of the dental service in Baja California, providing individualized solutions for each patient. 

What is a dental bridge?  

A dental bridge consists of a set of crowns or caps joined together to fit artificial teeth in the spaces of missing teeth.

Thus, if one or more teeth are missing, it is possible to fabricate a customized bridge according to the problem. Different types of materials such as porcelain and zirconium are used for this purpose.

Types of dental bridges

There are currently different types of dental bridges, and each one is manufactured according to the patient’s oral rehabilitation needs and conditions, as well as the relevant manufacturing material [continue reading].

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Traditional bridges

Traditional dental bridges are composed of one or more false teeth (pontics), and their bonding is made possible by cementing the dental crowns onto the neighboring teeth.

While bridges have great durability and functionality as a dental treatment, the disadvantage is that we must remove tooth enamel from adjacent teeth to allow the crowns to fit.

In addition, it should be noted that the reduced teeth will have to be properly protected with crowns, even if in the future we decide to replace the traditional dental bridge system.

Cantilever bridges

In contrast to traditional bridges, cantilever bridges are attached to only one side of the abutment tooth. This makes it possible to grind fewer adjacent teeth when fitting the bridge in the corresponding space.

In addition, this type of bridge is usually used in areas where chewing is less frequent, thus avoiding oral hygiene problems and undesirable fractures in the long term.

Maryland Bridges

It is a type of winged bridge that is formed by one or several pontic pieces that are fixed to a metal or porcelain structure, and that does not require dental milling to allow its fixation.

In fact, this type of bridge consists of a pontic with two lateral wings. These are anchored to the inner side of the neighboring teeth, thus ensuring the well-being of the abutment teeth.

They are, therefore, bridges specialized in the replacement of front teeth.

Dental bridges in Tijuana

If you are looking for a dental bridge treatment in Tijuana, at SOFDental we can help you, since we guarantee a specialized integral service that allows an economic saving of 75%.

Click on “dental bridges prices” to learn about our economic offer, as well as the benefits and payment methods available. Remember that when you choose our clinic, all analyses prior to the fabrication of your ideal dental implant are guaranteed.

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