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Dental Crowns Treatment

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Dental Crowns Treatment Details

Dental crowns

Dental crowns are, in general, fixed prostheses  or caps that are placed on a tooth that has been damaged by extensive falls or a fracture of the tooth in order to restore its appearance and functionality with a duration of 8 to 12 years or more. In order to offer the best dental crown treatment in Tijuana, at SOFDental in Tijuana we study the particularities of each case and help make an intelligent decision based on the circumstances and the relevant economic reality. 

Porcelain crown

Porcelain crowns are ideal to replace the natural crown of the tooth. They stand out for their naturalness compared to other dental materials, and are capable of providing aesthetics and functionality at the same time. 

Durability is another plus point. Well, they can resist from 15 to 30 years as long as dental hygiene is optimal, and the patient is periodically subjected to the corresponding reviews.  

Fixed Prosthesis

It is used to replace missing teeth which is cemented with a special dental cement which allows it to remain fixed for more than 12 years.

Dental crown treatment

For the placement of a crown, the size of the tooth is reduced so that it can fit properly in the place. An impression will then be taken and the ideal dental crown for you will be made.  

This seeks to replace fillings, avoid severe fractures, and recover the shape of the tooth, among other things. So it is a highly profitable and practical treatment with immediate results. 

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Dental crown cost in Tijuana

As specialists in the area of ​​dentistry we offer intelligent solutions that optimize the growth of the health sector. Therefore, in our intention to reduce the oral health gap, we establish competitive prices to meet the growing demand in Tijuana. 

The good news is that we work with materials 100% made in Mexico. Which is why our prices are much more affordable and profitable than in the United States. 

Front teeth crowns

When it comes to a damaged front tooth, the concerns are alarming. In fact, as professional dentists we understand the aesthetic importance of incisor teeth and for this reason we specialize in their intensive care. 

In this way, with the aim of rescuing irregular pieces and ensuring the smile of our patients, we also make dental crowns for front teeth 

Zirconia Porcelain Dental Crowns (Metal Free)

Zirconium is a metal derived from titanium. Hence, it is known for its durability and strength. In the world of dentistry, this material is also used to make quality dental crowns. 

It is specifically used in special cases , when the patient requires greater force to chew and grind food. Because the fabrication and installation of the crown can be done in a single practice, the use of zirconia has become popular in the dental community. Having great commercial success among patients. 

However, remember that every dental procedure has pros and cons alike. In the same way, as there is a specific treatment for each patient, at SOFDental in Tijuana we appreciate each case to help make the best possible decision. 

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