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Dental implants

The possibility of going to a comprehensive dental clinic that provides endless services without having to leave the facilities, is already a reality. We are SOFDental in Tijuana , your dental clinic specialized in the development of dental implants in Tijuana 

And it is that thanks to technological advancement and the relevant innovation process, we can offer pragmatic solutions in the shortest possible time and at the best market price with top quality imported materials from the USA.

Dental implant surgery is the surgical procedure in which cuts are made in the gums to expose the jaw bone. Once this is done, a metal pin is placed that simulates the functionality of the roots of the missing teeth.  

Dental implants have a 95% success rate, and it’s no wonder. We are talking about complementary elements that feel and look like a natural tooth, so that its functionality and practicality is superior to other oral treatments.

Dental implants Tijuana

As professional dentists, our mission is to implement the best technology in the sector in the development of dental implants in Tijuana. Take into account that implant surgery is a smart option given the lack of teeth , or the inconveniences that removable prostheses present. 

For this we perform comprehensive dental exams with appreciation for X-rays and 3D images. Meanwhile, the clinical reviews are also guaranteed and the treatment plan is created based on the particularity of each case. All in order to avoid infections and guarantee the well-being of your jaw.

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Dental implants in Mexico

In Mexico, the need to meet the demand of the dental sector is growing by leaps and bounds. Oral health policies are increasingly demanding and people demand much more versatile and realistic proposals. 

With this in mind, at SOFDental In Tijuana we have joined the innovation process in favor of technological advance applied to the dentistry sector. Since we really value oral health as a primary element of general health.   

In this way, we understand that the promotion of oral health starts from the implementation of economic opportunities and alternatives that reduce the health gap in our country. Reason why our system has renewed the care models to provide greater knowledge and effort in oral health care. 

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