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Dental insurance plans that cover implants in the U.S.

planes de seguros dentales que cubren implantes en estados unidos

Currently, there are many dental insurance plans in the United States. However, those that cover the placement of dental implants are full coverage plans.

But what is a full coverage plan? And more importantly, how much does a full coverage dental plan cost? What to do if your dental insurance does not cover dental implants?

At SOFDental we explain a little about the subject and also give intelligent options to patients with specific needs.


Should dental implants be covered by insurance?

Not necessarily. Well, there are many types of dental insurance plans in the USA and Mexico, which, in this particular case, are the places we are interested in mentioning due to the commercial relations between both, in the face of the booming dental tourism.

In the specific case of dental implants, this dental treatment and procedure depends exclusively on full coverage plans. These plans provide coverage for a wide range of services including prosthodontic treatments (dental implants and dentures).

However, there may be differences in terms of covered services, costs, conditions and economic limitations. Since everything will depend on the insurance company that handles your dental insurance.

What are the main types of full coverage dental plans?

cuáles son los principales tipos de planes dentales

It should also be noted that there are different types of full coverage plans. Therefore, the wide range of services and treatments to be covered will depend on the type of full coverage dental plan you choose:

  • Dental PPO (DPPO).
  • Dental HMO (DHMO).
  • Dental EPO (DEPO).
  • Dental POS (DPOS).

At SOFDental we accept PPO insurance: Metlife, Cigna, Athena, etc. Call us to verify.

What types of services and treatments does a full coverage dental plan cover?

Generally, full coverage plans are not only limited to preventive care. As noted above, they also provide coverage for the following services:

  • Basic restorative care: Which may include non-routine fillings, extractions and radiographs.
  • Major restorative care: For placement of bridges, crowns, dentures and, in short, prosthodontic treatments.
  • Orthodontic treatment: Orthodontic appliances, braces and space preservers.
  • Preventive dental care: Regular teeth cleaning, routine x-rays, fluoride treatments and sealants.

But, in order to know what services and treatments your type of plan covers, you should pay attention to the details, conditions and limitations of the insurance company that represents you. Dental plans vary even among companies.  

That said, it is worth noting the number of dentists in Tijuana that accept American insurance, which add up to a reliable economic alternative for basic and complex treatments, according to the type of insurance and plan you present.

What to do if my insurance does not include dental implants?

qué hacer si mi seguro no incluye los implantes dentales

If your dental insurance does not include dental implants, you should consider other alternatives. If you are a U.S. resident, one of them is the option of traveling to Tijuana for dental implants. There are many dentists in Tijuana that offer cost-effective and economical solutions in prosthodontic treatments, without sacrificing the quality that the procedure requires.

Tijuana is also a dental destination par excellence. In fact, Mexico is the second most successful country in the world in terms of health and the first in dental medical tourism. It has a turnover of around 1,000 MDD per year for specialized services.

Therefore, traveling to Tijuana for specific dental treatment is a safe and economical alternative that hundreds of Americans consider when investing in their oral health.

In fact, travelers even venture across borders without a passport, taking advantage of the secondary documentation and payment options that most dental services in Tijuana offer.

Save up to 70% discount on Dental Implants in México

To save money and solve your health problems, travel to Tijuana for a safe dental implant treatment at SOFDental. We are located right on the border between the USA and Mexico, in one of the best commercial areas of the city.

Save up to 70% discount on dental implants and smile again with confidence. We are waiting for you.

Dr Martin

By: Dr. Martín Ramírez
Dental Surgeon at SOFDental.


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