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Different types of dental braces

diferentes tipos de brackets

Orthodontics is the dental specialty that studies the prevention and correction of developmental disorders , considering the shape of the arches and the position of the jaws. Always with the aim of restoring the morphology and functionality of the mouth, to also improve the patient’s facial aesthetics.

To achieve this, different types of brackets are used . The choice between one and the other will depend on the type of involvement and severity of the case. Therefore, today we are going to talk about the types of braces and orthodontic treatment in Tijuana .


Orthodontic treatment in Tijuana

The purpose of orthodontics is the mobility of the teeth in order to reposition the teeth, seeking occlusal normalization or the displacement of the dental arch with the aim of correcting functional chewing disorders and optimizing facial aesthetics.

This is possible thanks to dental braces and braces. Which in any case are made to correct different types of irregularities. So it is convenient to know which one is the most suitable for your case.

Types of dental braces

According to the American Association of Orthodontists , braces are the best solution to occlusion problems due to developmental alteration. Since they exert adequate pressure on the teeth in order to gradually move them to their corresponding position.

Functional appliances

Functional appliances are a type of removable appliance designed to modify the position of the muscles involved in the function and position of the jaw. Well, in this way it is possible to increase their length.

They are generally recommended during primary or mixed dentition. Since they are devices designed to carry out functional modifications that give rise to structural changes due to the force they exert on the corresponding muscles .

Consequently, the action of functional or removable appliances are:

  • The tilt of the teeth due to changes in the bone that supports the teeth.

Removable appliances

Removable appliances can be removed for cleaning. But, once placed again, they are attached to the teeth more firmly. These appliances exert controlled pressure on the teeth that require displacement without having to influence the forces created by the muscles of mastication.

Treatment is indicated for:

  • Crossbite correction and mild crowding
  • Expansion of the jaws, especially the upper jaw.

Fixed appliances (braces)

Fixed metal or ceramic structure that, once in the teeth, can individually move each tooth in any direction. Issue that does not happen with other dental braces.

Brackets require a precise placement technique of bands and cemented elements on each of the teeth. Since the purpose is to achieve the necessary displacement based on the assigned treatment plan .

Fixed appliances are divided into several types. But, in conclusion, the primary function is the same:

  • Correct defects in shape, position, relationship and dental function
  • Improve dental aesthetics
  • Solve occlusion defects
  • Close spaces between teeth.

Types of braces

The choice between one and the other will depend, above all, on your budget.

  • Lingual brackets: They have the same action as traditional brackets, but offer favorable aesthetic solutions. Well, they are fixed on the inner face of the teeth to avoid external visibility.

However, due to its difficulty in placement, it is not a highly requested technique. And in any case, an expert specialist in the field is required.

  • Aesthetic brackets: Transparent or ceramic fixed appliances designed to offer greater harmony and discretion according to the needs of the patient.

However, although they are more affordable than lingual braces, they are an expensive option compared to metal braces. 

  • ligating brackets: Self-ligating orthodontics does not depend on the ligatures that join the bracket to the arch. Well, they have a small clip that holds the arch of the fixed appliance and that allows you to perform the functions of the traditional bracket with greater comfort.

At SOFDental we offer specialized solutions in orthodontic treatment . For more information, contact us . All the economic advantages of oral care in Tijuana await you.

Dr Martin

By: Dr. Martín Ramírez
Dental Surgeon at SOFDental.


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