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Immediate partial dentures: Fixed or removable? Know the differences

immediate partial dentures fixed or removable know the differences

In the face of one or more dental losses, it is possible to apply different prosthetic treatments in order to recover the function and esthetics of the mouth. Two economical alternatives compared to implants: fixed and removable immediate partial dentures.

But how do they differ? The main difference is that, as the name suggests, removable prostheses can be removed whenever you want, while fixed prostheses are attached to implants to the adjacent teeth.


What are immediate partial dentures?

They are designed to fill the space created by missing teeth, always with the objective of restoring the functionality and esthetics of the mouth. In this sense, partial dentures can be fixed or removable depending on the type of structure.

Different types of prostheses for each problem

As a starting point, it is important to consider the number of teeth that have been lost:

  • A tooth loss due to fracture, poor treatment or accident is not the same as a loss due to periodontal problems.

Similarly, it is important to consider the patient’s health:

  • Diabetes
  • Consumption of medications
  • Consumption and hygiene habits
  • Social life
  • Mobility
  • Daily diet.

Lifestyle, mobility and daily diet are key points because this directly influences the quality of hygiene and general health for prosthetic needs.

Therefore important that after fitting the prosthesis, whether fixed or removable, the patient is hygienic and knowledgeable about proper maintenance methods, which include regular check-ups with the dentist.

Immediate partial dentures

So, what types of immediate partial dentures are there?

Fixed dental prosthesis

Fixed dental prostheses follow specific procedures. Mainly, the dental technician must grind the dental pieces that support the fixed prosthesis, although it is also possible to place them on implants. Everything depends, in any case, on the type of fixed prosthesis.

The most common are:

  • Crowns: These are used to cement on a single dental piece or on an implant and can be metallic, ceramic or of both materials.
  • Bridges: They replace several dental pieces and depend on fastening materials.

When a fixed dental prosthesis is used on implants, it is attached to several titanium implants, which act as the root of the tooth. Because of this, it is currently considered the most suitable option when it comes to fixed prostheses.

Removable prosthesis

It is a prosthesis that can be removed when desired. In this case they are classified in two types: complete and partial. Both can be made of different materials and offer greater comfort at the time of placement and use.

  • Complete removable dental prosthesis: Ideal for patients with total loss of teeth. They can be used both in the upper and lower arch.
  • Partial removable dental prosthesis: When there are still dental pieces that serve as retention for the prosthesis.

Dental prosthesis materials

The quality of the materials is key. It is a determining factor in the price of the prosthesis, as well as in its resistance and durability. Therefore, the choice of material will also depend on the type of prosthesis to be used:

  • It is not the same a temporary prosthesis where the resin wants high quality, than a hybrid prosthesis that needs a reinforcement mesh.
  • The choice of material also depends on the age of the person, since it is not the same for a young person than for an older person.

The rehabilitations of greater weight require a series of elements to be considered, in addition to what has already been mentioned. Hence the importance of laboratory tests, since there are pieces that must be built from scratch, as well as white range replicas.

At SOFDental, for example, we work without leaving our facilities, with the best quality and professional experience that characterizes us. This makes the manufacture of dental prostheses a much more efficient and effective process, with less waiting time.

Choosing between a fixed and a removable prosthesis

The choice between one prosthesis and the other will depend on the patient’s needs in terms of the available budget. As we have said, the possibility of adapting the prosthesis according to the attachment parts, as well as the lifestyle and ease of maintenance, also have an influence.

Do you need to rehabilitate your oral health? Contact us for more information. We have everything you need in terms of technology and dental expertise.

Dr Martin

By: Dr. Martín Ramírez
Dental Surgeon at SOFDental.


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