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Care after endodontic treatment

cuidados después de una endodoncia

Endodontics is the procedure applied to remove, partially or totally, the pulp of an affected tooth in order to clean the pulp canal, seal the opening and thus save the affected tooth. Endodontic care, it should be noted, is not complex, but requires precise attention.

Endodontic treatment

The removal of pulp tissue and the proper filling of root canals can alleviate pain due to infection, in addition to extending the life of the tooth for the benefit of oral health.

To achieve this, the following procedure is followed:

  • Diagnostic X-ray: It allows to observe the ducts in detail in order to proceed with the correct diagnosis and procedure.
  • Local anesthesia: To avoid discomfort and acute pain during the process.
  • Tooth isolation: An alternative tool that facilitates the execution of the procedure.
  • Opening of the pulp chamber: In order to access the canals.
  • Root canal cleaning: To eliminate infections and rescue the tooth.
  • Sealing and hermetic sealing: The process is completed with the appropriate filling to guarantee functionality and esthetics.
  • Final X-ray: To confirm the success of the procedure.

When is it necessary to perform a root canal?

cuando es necesario hacer una endodoncia

Endodontics or root canal treatment is performed when:

  • Deep caries are identified in the teeth. At this point, the bacteria have already penetrated the dentin to partially or completely affect the pulp.
  • There is dental trauma due to blows or different types of affection. The trauma can interrupt the vascularization of the dental piece producing pulp necrosis or loss of vitality.
  • Dental erosion occurs when the tooth surface suffers wear due to mechanical or chemical causes. This can affect the inner tissues.
  • If there are periodontal or prosthodontic

Care after endodontic treatment

After endodontics it is important to follow the specialist’s recommendations. This in order to achieve a successful recovery without complications.

  • Wait for the anesthesia to wear off: Avoid long conversations and food intake. This is to avoid biting during the anesthetic effect.
  • Do not chew hard foods: Once the anesthesia has worn off, it is important to respect the recovery time to protect ourselves from possible unwanted bills due to inadequate chewing.
  • Optimize hygiene: Dental hygiene should be rigorous and should include the use of a toothbrush and dental floss. Regarding the latter, it is important to be very careful to avoid deterioration in the reconstructed area.
  • Analgesics – anti-inflammatory: Depending on the discomfort and pain, it is possible to take anti-inflammatory medications prescribed by the dentist.
  • Esthetic treatments: After some time, certain esthetic treatments may be necessary, such as esthetic whitening, veneers or crowns. This is to solve problems of bone loss and changes in tone derived from the loss of vitality.

At SOFDental we are specialists in endodontics and reconstructive treatments for the aesthetic and functional renewal of dental pieces. If you need specialized attention, contact us.

Dr Martin

By: Dr. Martín Ramírez
Dental Surgeon at SOFDental.


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