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Zirconia Crowns: Advantages and Prices

zirconium crowns advantages and prices

Zirconium crowns offer restorative solutions that allow patients to enjoy their oral health again, both aesthetically and functionally. 

Its advantages, in relation to other materials, are many: from harmony, resistance and dental esthetics, to biocompatibility and adaptability.  

We are therefore talking about a very versatile material that offers impressive results. Here are all the benefits of zirconium crowns. 


Zirconium dental crowns

The zirconium crown is a dental cap used in case of dental deterioration, although it can also be used on implants if the patient requires it. 

Eliminacion de lesiones cariosas Rellenos de Resina	45 a 65 dlls
Corona metal porcelana	230 dlls
Corona zirconia porcelana	400 dlls
coronas de zirconio
Removal of carious lesions Resin Fillings$45 a 65 USD
Porcelain metal crown$230 USD
Porcelain zirconia crown$400 USD
Veneers$400 USD

As their main function is based on practicality and dental esthetics, they are used to substitute the functions of the natural tooth in case of: 

  • Dental loss: so that the patient recovers dental health and avoids esthetic and functional problems. In this case, an implant is placed and then covered with the crown. 
  • Damaged dental piece: When the surface of the dental piece has suffered a great wear, since the cover allows to reinforce the tooth, to avoid its deterioration and prompt extraction. 
  • Aesthetics: It solves aesthetic problems related to the color, shape and position of the teeth. In this aspect, the dental cap can renew the smile. 

Why choose zirconium dental crowns?

This type of dental caps are very effective because, for practical purposes, they guarantee naturalness, functionality and dental harmony. Therefore, we are talking about a treatment that can be easily adapted, always according to the needs and characteristics of the patient.  

  • The color of the material resembles the natural shade of the neighboring teeth, so that the crown does not show any visual evidence of any kind.
  • Wear of the zirconium crown is minimal compared to other materials. Should wear occur, the veneer will continue to look the same shade as the rest of the teeth.
  • The biocompatibility of zirconium avoids rejection due to allergies. Therefore, we are talking about a long-lasting treatment.

Advantages of zirconium caps

The material of zirconium dental crowns is very light and resistant, since it does not need further treatment at the time of its construction. Precisely its strength and durability allows you to eat all kinds of food without worrying about fractures, inflammation, wear and tear or other problems. 

In addition, there are other benefits: 

  • The natural appearance of high aesthetic level.
  • They do not impede the maintenance and correct oral hygiene.
  • They do not darken the gums or wear out over time.
  • They act like a natural tooth, guaranteeing functionality, esthetics and comfort. 

If the patient follows the correct hygiene and visits the dentist regularly, he/she will not have any problems with the dental crown. A well-cared crown, therefore, can last for years and does not generate serious oral problems

Price of zirconium crowns

The price of zirconium caps depends on the location, needs and type of treatment. At SOFDental we guarantee 70% savings on top quality dental procedures

Treatment with zirconium crowns is considered the best restorative option today compared to other alternatives and materials used in the fabrication of veneers. 

For more information, please contact us. We have our own dental laboratory and we accept insurance. We look forward to seeing you!

Dr Martin

By: Dr. Martín Ramírez
Dental Surgeon at SOFDental.


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