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What is a dental root canal and how much does it cost? – México

que es la endodoncia dental y cuanto cuesta

For some it is high, for others it is low. The truth is that the price of dental endodontic treatment is especially relative. But, if we compare it with the possibility of losing the tooth and then consider the placement of an implant, we can agree: dental endodontics is a worthwhile treatment.

In most cases, in our dental clinic endodontics is performed in patients who have developed cavities that have not been treated in time. So, we are talking about a common treatment that has been perfected with the aim of saving teeth in time to perform the treatment.


What is a dental root canal?

Endodontics or root canal treatment is a dental technique that involves removing the internal tissue (root and nerves also known as dental pulp) of the tooth in order to clean the inside of the tooth and fill with inert material.

The treatment is performed under local anesthesia to avoid pain and complications during the process. Although, once the anesthetic effect is finished, it is common to feel some discomfort when chewing. But, in general, these are tolerable discomforts that improve after a couple of hours.

The treatment is indicated in cases of extended caries or dental fractures that have caused inflammation or death of the pulp. In this way it is possible to save the tooth and extend its useful life, thus avoiding the extraction of the tooth.

What does the price of a dental root canal depend on?

There are factors that directly influence the final price of an endodontic treatment. But, ultimately, price is relative and not an absolute term. Therefore, it is also important to consider the competitiveness of the market as an economic alternative.

That said, in general terms, we can say that treatment prices vary depending on the complexity of the tooth to be treated, the technology available and the experience and professionalism of the dentist.

Tooth types and number of canals

tipos de dientes y número de conductos

An important point is the types of teeth:

  • Incisors
  • Canines
  • Fangs
  • Premolars

Each of them has a certain number of roots (up to 3) and pulp canals (maximum five). Therefore, the more canals, the more expensive the endodontic treatment will be. But why does this happen? Because of what we have already mentioned:

  • Greater complexity and therefore, time and application of techniques and technologies suitable for the patient’s needs.

In this regard, the price may vary depending on the dental damage and the difficulty of the procedure.

How much does a root canal cost in Mexico?

The price of a dental root canal in Mexico ranges from $200 USD to $290 USD. Likewise, it should be noted that the diagnosis requires prior review and therefore, revisions are scheduled in advance once a final decision is made on the case.

Also, remember that at SOFDental we offer competitive prices that guarantee up to 70% savings compared to the United States.

In more detail; how much does a discounted root canal cost at SOFDental Clinic in Tijuana:

  • To get started you must obtain a diagnosis with a price of approximately $19 USD which includes: consultation, examination, X-rays and diagnosis.
  • From $190 USD incisor anterior teeth and canine.
  • From $240 USD premolars and molars.
Endodontics on anterior teeth$220 USD
Endodontics on molars$230 USD
Retreatment$230 USD
Fiberglass post$90 USD

After this treatment it is recommended to place a dental crown. It has two functions: to protect and to stabilize. In addition to preventing damage, it also reduces the likelihood of the tooth fracturing or cracking, avoiding oral problems.

It is recommended to do a root canal with your Dentists in Tijuana of Confianza SOFDental specialists in oral treatments; Without further ado, contact us to schedule your appointment. We guarantee specialized attention and easy payment.

Dr Martin

By: Dr. Martín Ramírez
Dental Surgeon at SOFDental.


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