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What are zirconium dental crowns?

what are zirconia dental crowns

Zirconium dental crowns are caps that simulate the natural appearance of the tooth and thus serve to restore the patient’s esthetics. Likewise, they provide greater resistance to the tooth if the surface has been badly damaged.

Therefore, a zirconium crown also serves to restore the functionality of the jaw, thus avoiding the common problems of tooth loss due to bone damage, for example. In addition, also due to its resistance and hardness compared to porcelain, it is more durable and possible to work with according to the natural color of the teeth.

At SOFDental we tell you more about this material and how it can be useful in restorative treatments.


What are zirconium crowns?

What is a crown? The zirconium crown is a dental cap (type of crown) made of ceramic, and it is one of the most demanded esthetic and restorative solutions nowadays. It allows to rehabilitate the mouth both aesthetically and functionally in favor of chewing, since it perfectly simulates the shape of the tooth.

Zirconium dental crowns

In addition, its components (compared to metal and porcelain crowns) offer better health benefits and therefore, solutions designed for the harmony and dental health of the patient.
Generally, the use of these veneers is recommended for practical purposes for the following problems:

  • Tooth loss: Unlike veneers, they are not only designed to guarantee a good esthetic finish, but also to recover the functionality of the mouth. If the patient is missing a tooth, the professional will place the appropriate implant and cover it with the corresponding crown.
  • Damage to the dental piece: The resistance of zirconium crowns makes it possible to design solutions to dental damage due to the loss of part of its surface. This is because the zirconium sleeve can rehabilitate the tooth and prevent further deterioration.
  • Aesthetic deterioration: To treat shape, color or position of the teeth and renew the smile for health reasons that guarantees a quality aesthetic result.

Therefore, it is a prosthetic material of the highest quality that has great advantages over metal-porcelain.

Why choose zirconia crowns?

For a successful restoration that requires caps, it is best to opt for a material for dental crowns that is resistant, aseptic and esthetic. It is a type of material that guarantees advantages over metal or porcelain, as we have already mentioned.

Zirconium, for example, will always maintain the color of the tooth and offers oral health benefits in terms of the oral hygiene required after this type of treatment.
For this reason, dentistry recommends its use, since:

  • The patient can choose the shade that best mimics the natural color of their teeth. This, in the end, perfectly conceals the treatment.
  • The wear of zirconium, unlike any other material, is much lower. And if it does occur, the veneer will still look the same color as the rest of the teeth.
  • The white material used to make the veneers guarantees an esthetic smile that also conceals any restorative treatment.
  • The biocompatibility of zirconium, on the other hand, avoids rejection due to allergies. Therefore, if the patient is allergic, it is possible to opt for this intelligent alternative, if the patient likes it.

Advantages of zirconium crowns

The advantages are based on the possibility of adaptation according to the patient’s needs and how the material allows individualized solutions without sacrificing esthetics or functionality.

  • Excellent dental esthetics: Because the material allows you to choose the right degree of translucency and naturalness. In addition, because they are metal-free, they guarantee excellent esthetic adaptation, which also facilitates the fabrication of beautiful, natural-looking teeth.
  • Good flexibility: An important factor that does not hinder the chewing of hard foods.
  • No staining over time: The exceptional polishability of zirconia offers durability with regard to shade.
  • No dark margins: In case of gum recession (if the gum recedes) due to gingival recession, no dark margins will be observed, since, as we have indicated, these sleeves do not contain metal.

All this thanks to a rigorous, well-planned manufacturing process.

Price of zirconium dental crowns

As for the price, it all depends on the dental clinic, type of treatment and needs to be covered. The good news is that at SOFDental we are experts in the manufacture and manipulation of dental caps for the restorative treatments that the patient needs to show off a shiny enamel.

Hence the importance of a previous visit to the dentist. The professional will be in charge of evaluating the problem in order to fabricate personalized crowns of the best quality. Thanks to this, we guarantee all the advantages of a specialized dental service.

If you want to know more, contact us. We have a specialized team, aseptic facilities and state-of-the-art technology, available to meet your immediate needs.

We are waiting for you!

Dr Martin

By: Dr. Martín Ramírez
Dental Surgeon at SOFDental.


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