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Symptoms of infection in a tooth with endodontics

síntomas de infección en una muela con endodoncia

Root canal treatment or endodontics is a dental treatment that is performed with the objective of saving an affected tooth. In the process, the pulp of a tooth is completely removed in order to proceed with the three-dimensional filling of the canals.

However, things do not always go well. In fact, although endodontics is 90% effective, malpractice can lead to infections in the treated area, due to the proliferation of bacteria present in the canals.

Next, we will discuss the causes and treatment of infection in a root canal tooth.


Symptoms of poorly performed root canal therapy

Feeling discomfort in a tooth previously treated with endodontics is not a good sign. Therefore, it is necessary to be attentive to:

  • Intense and progressive pain, i.e., that does not subside with time.
  • Sensitivity and discomfort when chewing.
  • Pain or sensitivity when touching the area or lightly tapping the treated tooth.
  • Inflammation of the gum around the tooth.

Main causes of a poorly performed root canal

principales causas de una endodoncia mal hecha

A dental root canal can fail due to several factors:

  • Failure to locate a root canal correctly: Although most molars usually have three canals, there are cases of molars with four or even five unlocated canals. If this happens, these are unremoved bacteria that will continue to spread until they completely affect the treatment, causing acute pain to the patient.
  • Do not take X-rays for the endodontic process: Endodontic procedures require X-rays at different stages of the treatment. Not taking any of them can be counterproductive. The dentist may fail to perform the treatment, causing damage to the process.
  • Miscalculating the length of the procedure: If the specialist does not measure the length of each canal correctly, there will be failures and complications in the long term. Hence the importance of checking radiographs to make sure that the location calculation is correct. Keep in mind that a root canal that is too short or too long is a deficient treatment that sooner or later will end up causing problems.
  • Failure to adequately disinfect ducts: The use of sodium hypochlorite is important when disinfecting ducts. If it is not used, the risk of infection in the medium and long term will be high.
  • Vertical fissure or fracture in the dental piece: Unidentified vertical fissures or fractures can cause irreversible damage to the dental piece even after endodontic treatment. This will not be enough to treat a deep caries infection problem.

What to do if I have symptoms of infection due to a poorly performed root canal?

qué hacer si presento síntomas de infección por endodoncia mal hecha

It is always advisable to ask for a second professional opinion after complications from a specific treatment. In the special case of endodontics, it is possible to solve the problem by performing a reendodontics (re-endodontics) on the affected tooth.

The process consists of removing the filling material from the canals to properly clean and seal the area. In the worst case, if a vertical fracture of the tooth is identified, it will be necessary to proceed to extract the tooth and then consider the placement of a suitable dental implant that meets the patient’s needs.

Because of this, it is important to point out the importance of an experienced endodontic professional. Because, the correct diagnosis and praxis, allow the patient to save time and money in their oral health.

For economical and definitive solutions, contact SOFDental and we will recommend the most appropriate treatment. Our experience, commitment and competitiveness guarantee a specialized and safe care for any type of patient and oral problem to be treated.

Dr Martin

By: Dr. Martín Ramírez
Dental Surgeon at SOFDental.


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