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Is it safe to travel to Tijuana for Dental Work?

Clínica Sofdental En Tijuana

Is it safe to go to Tijuana for dental work? Of course yes. In fact, given the current affordability and price-quality ratio, Tijuana has become a power in the dental sector compared to other cities.

It should also be noted that Mexico is a world reference in dental medicine. Reason why patients from the USA and Canada join the Mexican dental service every year.


Travel to Tijuana for dental treatment

According to the World Medical Tourism Growth Statistics, Mexico ranks second as an international power in health and first in dental medical tourism. Reaching around 1,000 million dollars a year for specialized services.

Tijuana, on the other hand, is among the best developed destinations in dental health. Receiving mostly Hispanic patients residing in Los Angeles, California, Arizona and Texas.

The reason is in the prices, since compared to the United States, any dental treatment in Tijuana is usually less than in the USA. As a result, many Americans without health insurance choose to travel to Tijuana for quality dental treatment. Achieving financial savings without the need to risk oral health.

How do I know if a dentist in Tijuana is qualified?

The attention of the staff, the infrastructure and the accreditation of the clinic are indicative of a professional dental service. At this point we must talk about aesthetics and the level of asepsis in the place, since both aspects directly affect the general safety of the patient.

In addition, a certified professional clinic will always provide valuable information when promoting a dental service. Reason why the degrees and the personal data of the dentist will always be available once they are requested.

The good news is that SOFDental is a certified and valued professional clinic. Renowned for integrating qualified dentists who meet the same quality standards as in the United States, offering much more affordable prices.

What is the difference in price for dental treatments between the USA and Tijuana?

Due to the increase in dental costs in the USA, many people choose to travel to Tijuana for dental treatment at an affordable price, because in effect, Tijuana is the preferred city par excellence. Recognized for its innovative oral health system that results in profitability.

And it is that patients seek quality, empathy and professionalism. But, above all, economic savings in terms of much more complex procedures.

Take into account that dentists in Tijuana offer procedures between 50 and 75% less than in the USA, while at SOFDental we offer the possibility of saving up to 80%.

This includes evaluation, endodontics, extraction and other procedures of equal relevance, allowing the possibility of implementing individualized solutions that optimize dental health by 95%.

Taking the foregoing into account, the fact that the USA is the country with the highest spending on health services worldwide and the one that most spends part of its GDP (around 17%) on international medical assistance also stands out. Tijuana being the preferred destination to date.

Why is a dentist in Tijuana, Mexico cheaper?

Due to its economy, Tijuana receives more than 1.2 million people a year to provide specialized dental services. The United States is a good market, yes. But compared to Tijuana, Baja California – Mexico, it simply does not present the same profitability index.

The reasons are related to the general costs of rent, wages and supplies. Which, being cheaper than in the USA, create a lower cost in terms of oral services.

It is also worth highlighting the areas as a strategic point, since the dental offices in Tijuana are established in easily accessible avenues, allowing other essential, complementary and equally relevant commercial activities: residence, food and medical supplies.

Even despite the border, traveling to Tijuana for dental treatment remains a profitable option for the average population. Well, if we also consider the bureaucracy of the insurance companies, in the end it is much easier to trust Mexican dental care.

Advantages of traveling to Tijuana for dental treatment

A dental treatment in Tijuana is much cheaper than in the USA.
Despite low costs, care meets mandatory quality standards.
There are a high number of certified clinics.
Tijuana, being a powerhouse in dental medical tourism, has a high level of technology and an innovative health system.
There is a direct relationship with North American insurance.

Dental health insurance

Another point to discuss is dental health insurance and how difficult it is to have policies that cover personalized dental procedures. A reality that concerns certified clinics, in their need to address this problem for the benefit of the dental medical system.

In this regard, Tijuana, being the city with the largest number of specialized clinics, plays a relevant role in the management of policies for dental treatments. Whose purpose is based on reducing the existing gap between health and the economy in favor of socioeconomic development in Mexico.

SOFDental recognizes the importance and contributes to health policies and philosophies by presenting initiatives that facilitate communication and interaction between professionals and patients, taking into account the economy and the particularities of each case.

For this reason, and with the purpose of optimizing care and reducing waiting times, we accept most of the insurances from the United States in Tijuana.

Don’t have insurance? Remember that the best prices are in Tijuana

As we have already mentioned, dental treatments in Tijuana can save you time and money without compromising the quality of any treatment.

But above all, remember that SOFDental allows you to save up to 80% on dental services. Optimizing your economy and your oral health by up to 95%.

We are SOFDental:

We use high quality materials imported from the U.S.A. and cutting-edge techniques for each dental treatment.
We offer innovative and individualized solutions for each patient.
We achieve verifiable results of the highest quality.
We have the best technology in the sector.
We provide specialized and comprehensive care to attend to any emergency without having to leave the facilities.

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Dr Martin

By: Dr. Martín Ramírez
Dental Surgeon at SOFDental.


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