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Dentists in Tijuana that accept American Insurance

sofdental dentista en tijuana aseguranza usa

Dental insurance and plans between the U.S.-Mexico border and the United States are known through insurance companies. Since there are a large number of people who cross the border into Mexico in order to receive specialized dental care.

Is it safe to travel to Tijuana for dental treatment? Yes, and due to the high demand and supply of dental treatments, the list of dentists in Tijuana that accept American insurance continues to grow every day.

In fact, such is the commitment and profitability of this payment system that many Americans even venture across the Tijuana border without a passport.

To learn more about dental treatment insurance, continue reading this article.


How does American dental insurance work?

Dental insurance works similarly to health insurance:

  • The customer pays a premium
  • The clinic will probably ask for a co-payment to insure the service and to cover expenses
  • The practice will proceed to bill the insurance company directly for the service provided.

Please note that most preventive care visits, which include cleaning and checkups, are covered by a dental insurance plan. Should you have to undergo a different dental procedure, i.e., one that is not considered preventive care, the clinic will bill your insurance company.

And according to the corresponding plan, the dentist will charge only for the procedure or the percentage of the treatment that the insurance did not cover. In any case, everything will depend on the plans and agreements offered by the dental insurance in question.

Does insurance pay for all dental procedures?

No, the insurances only cover clinical procedures that include restorations with the objective of recovering and optimizing the functionality of the dental pieces.

Therefore, they do not pay for cosmetic procedures, such as veneers or crown restorations for worn parts.

Do you cover orthodontic services?

Yes, most insurance companies include an additional policy for orthodontics.

What is the advantage of dental insurance?

American insurances are secure institutions that facilitate access to health services, such as dental treatment. For many cross-border dental providers, they represent their primary income and thus a means of trusting additional insights that boost economic momentum.

The additional documentation and time required to offer and verify benefits are, moreover, inconsequential. The idea is to expedite procedures in favor of the patient in order to verify that there is coverage as stipulated in the previous contract.

In other words, they are an effective means of protecting users against risks. They can thus provide:

  • Affordable preventive dental care plans
  • Cost-effective out-of-pocket costs for non-preventive dental care
  • Specialized service with no waiting lists.

SOFDental accepts American insurance

Of course we do! SOFDental accepts American insurance, managing to contact the best border insurers to provide a complete service that includes professional advice from experts.

If our price list demonstrates commitment and economic competitiveness (being 70% cheaper than in the USA), our payment options and incentives guarantee innovation, profitability, savings and immediate individualized solutions.

How do I know if SOFDental accepts my insurance?

If you need to verify if your insurance is on our list of dental insurance partners, please call our offices to start the confirmation process. We will respond as soon as possible.

List of insurances

We share our list of insurance partners. We update according to new alliances and innovations:

Without a doubt, at SOFDental we are committed to dental tourism in Tijuana, contact us!

Dr Martin

By: Dr. Martín Ramírez
Dental Surgeon at SOFDental.


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