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About us

SOFdental Clinic we are dentists in Tijuana with more than 30 years taking care of your oral health and that of your family.

SOF Dental carry out and supervise dental treatments, we have our own dental laboratory, thus, being able to receive treatments at all times and carry out work immediately and urgently, providing a service to our patients with speed, confidence and efficiency.

Dr Martin

Dr. Martín Ramírez B.

Dental surgeon.

Our Mission

At SOFDental we offer our clients the best services and professional care. Our mission is to offer top quality service to provide the best experience and security to all our clients.

SOFDental has always had the philosophy of adapting to the needs of patients, thus maintaining quality and affordable prices over time.

Our Dental Clinic

– Dr. Martin Ramírez B.

SOFdental clinic is directed by Dr. Martin Ramírez B. Graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry of the Autonomous University of Baja California as a Dental Surgeon. He has more than 30 years of professional practice performing oral procedures and treatments.

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Dentists in Tijuana

Going to a good dental clinic is essential as a measure of prevention and conservation of our oral health. But, establishing trust with the best dentists in Tijuana in the sector is a feat that you can only do hand in hand with us.

And it is that given the competitive level of the dental sector, patients need much more sophisticated, profitable and optimal alternatives that guarantee safety, comfort, economy and favorable results in the shortest possible time.

High quality dentistry in Tijuana

For us, the use and development of technology in the field of dentistry is a priority. Because the idea of ​​making an efficient and concise diagnosis determines the number of possible alternatives when choosing the right treatment for each patient.

The latest generation equipment, apart from our objective and pragmatic knowledge, allows us to offer personalized solutions based on health and aesthetics that are required when complying with the requested quality standards.

Certified Dentists in Tijuana

To guarantee reliability, commitment and social responsibility, SOFDental is made up of a large group of certified dental experts.

Graduates of the most important educational institutions in the world, our specialists have extensive professional experience and excellent human value. Fundamental pillars when establishing professional relationships with patients of all ages who conceive the possibility of choosing based on the most immediate needs.